Clue #3

Hey fans! A lot of you may be beginning or may have already started summer break! What are you doing to kick of the summer? Leave us a comment and let us know! 🙂

Are you all ready for clue #3 of our Googly Bands Jar contest? The bucket of Googly Bands is almost as tall as this 64oz. bottle of Super Miracle Bubbles ( Here it is:

There will be one last clue that will be posted some time next week and then you will have one week to submit your guesses!
Remember, if you guess correctly, you win the ENTIRE bucket of Googly Bands! If there are no correct guesses, the person who guessed the closest will win. If there is more than one person who has the closest guess, the winner will be chosen at random (using!

Stay tuned for your last clue! 🙂

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