New Contest!

Hi fans! We apologize for taking so long to post!

Contest Winners
Congratulations to the winners of our last contest: Sarah, Smilelover10, Shayna W., Lee, and Krystal M.!
(Please reply to the e-mail that we sent in order to claim your prize!)

We also want to thank everyone who helped us reach 200+ followers on our MeBANDS Twitter page (!!! You guys are awesome!

New Contest

What Series is this? Can you name each style?
Send your answer in to by Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 11:59 pm PST. (Only one entry per person will be accepted. Multiple entries from one person will not be counted). 8 winners chosen at random will each receive 2 packs of random Googly Bands! Spread the word!

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31 Responses to New Contest!

  1. Grace says:

    Why haven’t you posted series 14 on your website?

  2. Lee says:

    Oh thanks for choosing me! 😀

  3. Lee says:

    I hope I get twinsies!

  4. Grace says:

    Hey Lee! usually when you reply if you ask for twinsies they will give it to you.

  5. Grace says:

    I really want Twinsies. cuz my bffl (best friend for life) could have the lock and i could have the key

  6. Lee says:

    Ok Cool :D. Today I finally relized my Wal-Mart started selled Booglys again! And MeBands’

  7. Grace says:

    what are booglys?

  8. Lee says:

    I meant to say Googlys. Oops. I just call them that.

  9. Grace P. says:

    I wonder when there will be Series 14.

  10. Grace says:

    me too. funny there are two graces!

  11. teapot_brown says:

    i got the comics.

  12. Lee says:

    Haha My googlys shoul come tomorrow! I hopeI get twinsies!

  13. Lee says:

    Tey came today. No twinsies but I’m thankful I got them at all :). Strange no Mebands but oh well! Googlys rule!

  14. Grace says:

    You always look on the bright side, Lee. you’re great 🙂

  15. Lee says:

    My Wal-Mart doesn’t Carry different Googlys. They sell the same ones. They only have picnic, puzzle, ballet, trains, and water sports. But this other Wal-Mart has this WHOLE WALL with GooglyBands!! That is beyond awesome! Plus I’m homeschooled and my mom made this program, We get good grades, We get a sticker, Ten stickers get a reward! Rewards cost 1-5 dollars. Googlys cost a dollar. Ten stickers= Googly bands! I’m learing a new language which will ruin my weekend. Every saturday I have to go to this Chinese school. What is public school like? :O

  16. teapot_brown says:

    idk what a public school like. I have homeschooled my whole life.

  17. Grace says:

    same here.

  18. Shayna W. says:

    lucky… I go to public school… and it is really hard

  19. Shayna W. says:

    btw thnx for picking me !

  20. Lee says:

    Haha it’s fun! I can count in chinese now! Yi, er, San, si, wu, liun, qi, ba, jinn, shi. You can ,t figure how to pronounce it! It’s really fun I love that school. I,m gonna learn piano next week. I have it on Saturdays only

  21. smilelover10 says:

    FOOd,football,sushi,princess and castle, maybe animal

  22. Lee says:

    You have to e-mail it. They won’t listen to your comment. E-mail please. Plus that’s giving the answer.

  23. Lee says:

    And its wrong.

  24. Shayna W. says:

    0.o i sent the e mail like 4-5 days ago and it hasnt come in the mail yet 😦

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