Jar Contest Photo Clue – Wednesday

Here is your photo clue for Wednesday!

 Here is the jar of Googly Bands compared to the Googly Bands Halloween Trick bag! Are you all ready for Halloween? Will you be passing out Googly Bands instead of candy? 🙂 We hope so!

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15 Responses to Jar Contest Photo Clue – Wednesday

  1. greenmutatedpanda says:

    if people actaully came to my house to trick or treat, yes i would

  2. Robin Hrobak says:

    yes I plan on handing out for Halloween got to see if they have them in my store yet.Got to work on my costume I plan on making if it turns out ill be sending in pics!

  3. jj says:

    those are soooooo cool i want one soooo bad

  4. Lee shue says:

    I hope some stores in a mall I go to will give me some googly bands. I love collecting them .

  5. Brooke Hills says:

    I would love to hand out googly bandz so kids wouldnt get cavities and they instead get to wear them and play with them. Hopefully by next halloween everyone will being handing out googly bandz and everyone will have their arms filled with googly bandz and play with them too. I know that I love them and I actully have over 500 googly bands and the only ones that I are the are google bandz because i trust them a lot.

  6. sierra says:

    I love holloween were do u get the holoween googlybands

  7. Savanah says:

    How much money are the halloween packets at walmart? I want to buy one so bad.

  8. cborozco says:

    hey cane you send em some of halloween and tinkerbell ones plz

  9. cborozco says:

    hey can you send me some halloween bandz plz

  10. brandon says:

    where do you get the halloween google bands I want them so baad!!!!!!

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