Googly Bands Jar Contest II!

Hey fans! We hope you’re having a great day so far!

Favorite Series Contest Winners
10 Winners were selected at random by! The winners are: Melissa, Evan G., Christine/Jerry S., Krystal M., Meg M., Jennifer L., Bryanna P., Emily P., Hope R., and Dakota. Check your e-mails!

Thank you everyone for playing!

Googly Hollywood
Have you had the chance to see celebrities wearing Googly Bands? If not, check out the link here! 

Click the “See the Hottest Stars Wearing Googly Bands” for photos!

Name That Band
We’re sorry to inform you that we must end this contest earlier than expected. Therefore, all of the entries received as of 9:45am PST this morning are counted. Anything received afterwards will not be counted. Again, we apologize but we do have a new contest for you guys!
Congratulations to the 3 winners of our Name That Band contest: Lee S., Bryanna P., and Regan! You guys have been sent an e-mail.

Jar Contest IIDue to popular demand, we would like to introduce our jar contest again! Like last time, send us an e-mail to with your guess of how many Googly Bands are in this jar! The last day to enter this contest will be Sunday, September 26, 2010 at 11:59pm PST — notice this is not this upcoming Sunday, but next Sunday!
Picture clues will be posted everyday in order to help you in your guess! Check back here for the latest picture clues everyday until the end of the contest!
The person who guesses correctly will win the entire jar of Googly Bands. If there is more than one correct guess, will choose a winner at random from all of the correct guesses.
Good luck and we hope you have tons of fun! 🙂

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7 Responses to Googly Bands Jar Contest II!

  1. Robin Hrobak says:

    well hope to win this one since I entered the last contest for nothing :.(

    • Taylor says:

      not everyone that enters wins, just keep entering contests and you will probaby win eventually. Me and my brother have both won because we always enter every contest.

      • Robin Hrobak says:

        I know that Taylor ,lol just saying it was suppossed to be until Sunday the 19th before they even were picking winners.I have already won a few contests on here.

  2. Angel says:

    Congratulations to all of the winners for both contests.

    And good luck to everyone for the jar contest.

  3. maggie says:


  4. greenmutatedpanda says:

    You guys need to redo the “Name that band contest” 1 day is not enough time to enter. I just enetered with all my emails this morning and didnt even notice that the contest ended yesterday 😦

  5. gymnast says:


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