Series XIII & Design Contest WINNER!

Series XIII
We’re mixing things up here in the Googly World! Check out the new Series XIII: Hairy Googly Bands! Each band has little bits of Googly hair! Isn’t that something special? Now your Googly Bands have a distinguishing look 🙂

Guess How Many in the Googly Ball Contest
As usual, we will be giving away some free Series XIII Googly Bands!!!
Here’s our latest contest:
Guess how many Googly Bands are in this ball! Send in your guesses to no later than Sunday, September 5, 2010 at 11:59pm PST. The person who guesses correctly will win the entire ball of Googly Bands!! If there is more than one correct guess, will choose 1 winner from all of the correct guesses!
As with our jar contest, picture clues will be posted daily to give you clues and hints to help you guess correctly! Here’s your first picture:

Design Contest Winner
The moment you’ve all been waiting for for the past two months…..the winner of the Googly Band Design Contest!!
A huge congratulations to our Googly Bands Design Contest grand prize winner: Mason C. with his Planet Earth design!!!
And we would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest as well as everyone who voted! As promised, we will be making Mason’s Planet Earth design into a Googly Band!!! So keep an eye out for that!

3,500 Fans Contest Winners
Thanks to everyone who participated in our special 3,500 Facebook Fans contest! We absolutely loved all of your photos! Congratulations to our 10 winners, who will each receive a special Googly Gift Bag! Congratulations to: Dawn M., Angel M., Tina R., Margaret R., Jessica C., Roxanna V., Emily P., Taylor L., Heather, and Nathan K.!!!

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13 Responses to Series XIII & Design Contest WINNER!

  1. sukie says:

    congrats everyone

    and as like everything i didnt win =(

  2. eatmyballs says:

    justin bieber rox

  3. nathan says:

    thankyou when will we be nofited

  4. Angel says:

    have the e-mails already been mailed out?
    if so, that must be another angel m (:

    I can’t even find series 12.
    I’m def. not gonna be able to find 13.

    Congrats to Mason and all of the FB contest winners !!

  5. Krystal Martinez says:

    When are yall guna announce Series XIII

  6. nathan says:

    when will emails be sent out to people

  7. maggie says:

    i made a ball of googly bands a long time ago and took a pic of my kitty playing it. then later i entered it in the photo contest and i won!!! 😀

  8. Taylor L. says:

    yay i won!! i can’t wait to get my gift bag! and i hope you guys get to win some contests too! just keep entering, and you will probably eventually win 😀

  9. Smileyface1086 says:

    Congrats to the contest winners
    I’m excited to see who the winner of the googley band ball is 😀

  10. Robin Hrobak says:

    CONGRATS to everyone who won!

  11. jessica says:

    how do i enter.

  12. Miranda R says:

    i love googly bands!

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