Halloween Googly Bands!

Good morning, fans! Today, we would like to introduce……..HALLOWEEN Googly Bands!!!
Check out these awesome bands influenced by the spookiest holiday of the year! Halloween Googly Bands will be available in regular 12-packs, or in treat bags! Instead of passing out candy this year, why not go with the healthier, cheaper alternative of passing out Googly Bands? Treat bags contain individual packs containing 3 Halloween Googly Bands each to be passed out to trick-or-treaters! Live healthy by eating less candy and also have fun with awesome Googly Bands at the same time!

Halloween Contest

As you may know by now, we love giving out prizes. Also, as you also may know by now, we love having contests when we have new products! So here’s our newest Halloween contest!

1)  Send us a photo of your Halloween costume from last year, and describe how you would’ve used Googly Bands with that costume
2) Describe how you plan to use Googly Bands in your Halloween costume for THIS year. Send your submissions to marketing@imptoy.com by Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST.

Googly Bands and Celebrities
Do you guys follow our Twitter at twitter.com/googlybands? If so, you may have noticed that Googly Bands were meeting tons of celebrities on Saturday! Googly Bands had a booth at the annual gifting suite in celebration of the Emmy Awards, and we were thrilled to see so many celebs! Many of them were wearing Googly Bands, and almost everyone was so excited when they received their gift bags filled with Googly Bands! Stay tuned for some pictures of us with the celebs wearing Googly Bands!!

Name That Band Contest Winners
Thanks to everyone who participated in our Name That Band contest! We hope you had a lot of fun figuring out what the various bands were! Our winners have been chosen (by random.org)! Congratulations to: Jessica C., Karen D., “momof1auntof2”, Chris M., Kaleb C., Meg M., Kimberly A., Carrie P., “xxtomei”, and Mario B.!
Here are the correct answers, see if you got them right:
1. Mermaid (Fantasy, Series II)
2. Owl (Birds, Series VI)
3. Teddy Bear (Classic Toys, Series V)
4. North America (Continents, Series XI)
5. Eiffel Tower (Wonders of the World, Series IV)
6. Watermelon (Picnic, Series X) 
Bonus:  California (States, Series VIII)

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9 Responses to Halloween Googly Bands!

  1. Angel says:

    Congrats to everyone that won!

    When will the halloween bands be available in stores?

  2. sukie says:

    congrats to everyone

    i think googlybands contest should have a chance for more people to win like instead of 10 winners maybe you could do 15 because lots of people enter and there is only a little chance of someone to win

    • Angel says:

      But, the thing with that is… they do have a lot of contests which is other opportunities to win. I was thinking the same, but then I realized how many contest they have. =]

  3. sukie says:

    and will the winners be chosing at random??

  4. sukie says:

    where can you buy these treat bags cause i was going to pass them out on halloween

  5. Robin Hrobak says:

    Well I want to ask Imperial Toys how those people got right answers for the Name the Googly Band contest when number 4 answer is wrong ?It should not be United States that it should have been North America is the name of the continent.

  6. googlybands says:

    Yes, number 4 should be North America. That was my mistake when typing the answers, sorry about the confusion! The winners remain the same, and they were chosen at random using random.org.

    There are plenty of other opportunities to win free Googly Bands so please continue to check our blog and/or our Facebook page! 🙂

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