Googly Styles

As you know, we have our “Name that Band/Style” Contest going on! If you didn’t know that, check yesterday’s (Wed, Aug 25) blog post for the details. Since the contest is about bands from different styles that you have to figure out, we’re going to mention of the styles that we liked most.

From Series 3, we like “Fruit.” They look almost good enough to eat. Perfectly colorful and cute.

From Series 4, we like “Hollywood” and “Text Messages.” Hollywood is just a short drive from here, and there’s nothing like feeling as glamorous as the stars with these Googly bands. And with the text messaging Googly Bands, now you can kind of talk in text-speak with your Googly Bands as props!

From Series 6, the Glow-in-the-dark “Dragons” are just awesome. Why? Because they’re DRAGONS and they GLOW in the DARK!

From Series 7, the tie-dye “Ballet” style is pretty cool. We’ve had some friends who’ve done ballet, and it is a true art form. Ballerinas dedicate a lot of time to train and dance, and these Googly Bands represent that!

From Series 8, there are the cool “School” bands.  It’s what most of you guys are doing (being students) but at the same time, they’re fun because they’re googly bands!

From Series 10, we like the “Ninja” and “Baking.” Ninjas are cool and mysterious fighters, and we just love the shapes in that style. Baking is something fun to do, and guess what? You get to eat the goodies afterwards! What’s better than eating something that you made with your own hands?

From Series 11, we love love LOVE  the “Continents.” It’s a quick geography lesson. You can even make your own globe with them!

From Series 12, well, right now we can’t decide. We like EVERY style from the series right now.

If you could make up your own series, what styles would you include in it? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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21 Responses to Googly Styles

  1. Angel says:

    If I were able to make up my own series, I’d make a series that had the alphabet.
    You have numbers, continents, wonders of the world and many others that help kids learn. My two nieces like the numbers a lot. My one niece (who is 6) puts them in order and then makes other numbers out of them (such as 14, 24, etc) and tries to teach her little sister which numbers are which.

    I think the alphabet would be a good idea because I think smaller children who are in elementary school will play with them and try to make words and want to do it because it will be fun.
    As for other people, the first letter of their name they could wear or they could wear their whole name on their wrist. They can create words out of them and put them on their desk or something. I think it’d be popular among all ages and it’d be fun!

    26 letters. 6 packs in a series. Each pack have 12 still, but like the vowels have more of since they are used in almost every single word.

    The whole series would be the alphabet. (:

  2. Robin Hrobak says:

    I would make a series with Bears , Tigers ,Lions &Elphants thats my Families favorite animals some would be tie-dye , glow in the dark& sparkle.

  3. Robin Hrobak says:

    sorry Elephants I meant to type

  4. Nicole says:

    I would make a pack that has a cell phone, laptop, mp3 player and other stuff like that. I would be so happy if there was a pack like that. =]

  5. Karla says:

    I would make a 1920’s (Jazz Age) series since I really love history and the Jazz Age was my favorite unit.

    The series would be mainly about shaped people such as: Dressy Flappers & Gangsters; and Famous: Jazz/Blues Singers, Composers, and other famous artists.
    Or shaped objects with: Jazz instruments, Mics., Airplanes, Automobiles, or anything 1920’s related. 😀

    Or maybe a Tye-Dye Hippie Pack, cause im really into the hippy stuff, such as: Peace, Lava Lamps, Doves, Love heart, flower, hippie man, smiley face :). or anything hippie related.

    • Karla says:

      #1 1920 (Jazz Age) = Flappers,Gangsters,Jazz instruments,Airplanes, Female jazz singer, Male Blues Singer,

      #2 Hippie tye-dye = Hippie Dude, Lava Lamp, Dove, heart, flower, smiley face

      #3 Art tye-dye= paint brushes, paint, scissors,glue, pencil, canvas.

      #4 Outerspace glow’n’dark=Aliens,Astrnuat,Moon, US Flag, Spaceship, Mars rover.

      #5 Wizardy Pack [Dark colors] =Frogs,Wands, Potions, Wizard Hat, Spellbook,Wizard.

      #6 Go Green [different shades of green]= water bottle, tree, swirly lightbulb,recycle bin, plants, Bicycle

      This would be my whole series. 🙂

  6. Gabi says:

    I would make a series of shapes for the 1st pack. With circles, squares, triangles, dimonds, stars, & hearts! All the basic shapes. Or there could be 1 of each shape & you could add more difficult shapes. 🙂

    The 2nd pack would be a Mystery pack. Just put random Bands in each pack! 😀

    The 3rd pack can be a limited edition, Hello Kitty pack! They retired & can only be found online, but you could bring them back for like a month, & give everyone another chance to buy them! 🙂

    The 4th pack would be another limited edition, Micky Mouse & Friends! I believe they also retired but giving people a second chance would be very cool of ya’ll! 😉

    5th pack will be Spongebob Squarepants! Bringing back or making new, characters will make tons of kids buy them! There would be a Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, & Gary! 😀

    & last but not least, pack 6! It could be a VeggieTales pack! With Larry, Bob, Jr., Pea’s, & any other random characters! It’d be great for children, they’d love them! Maybe you could even sell a “Value Veggie Pack” with a movie & a pack of VeggieTale Bands! 🙂

    There are all my ideas, I hope you like them! I’d sure buy them if you made them, & I’m sure tons of other kids would too! (:

  7. maggie says:

    Electric pack-


    video game remote control
    M3P player
    cell phone

  8. Trisha says:

    A gymnastics one with maybe beam, girls doing a movement, handgribs, vault, and maybe even bars. You could even put the word gymnastics in it.

  9. Sydney says:

    If I were to have my own Googly Bands series I would probably make a celebrity one like one pack based on TAYLOR SWIFT ❤ one based on Selena Gomez one on Demi Lovato one on Miley Cyrus one on the Jonas Brothers and one on Paramore.

    • Karla says:

      I love your idea on a celeberties series(most are my favorite actors/singers), if they made it I would totally buy it ….. btw: I like your videos! 😀

  10. Robin Hrobak says:

    I think all you have Great ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids would love any of the ones you said.

  11. sukie says:

    such great ideas everyone!!!!!!

  12. Roxy says:

    I would make a csi series pack based on the show one pack csi then ny csi Miami and Ncis alot of people love the shows like me so I think kids and adults would like them maybe even but the peoples names that play on their

  13. Cindy Bennett says:

    If I Had My Own Googly Bands I Would Make All Kinds Of Cancer Awareness Bracelets To Show Support To The People That Are Battling Cancer. I Lost My Sister To Lung Cancer 2 Years Ago.
    My Second Pack Would Be For Kidney Awareness Bracelets. My Husband Has Been On Dialysis For 8 years.
    My Third Pack Would Be For All The People That Serve And Protect Us The Police ‘ FireMen’ The Miltary
    My FourthPack Would Be Every Kind Of Disney Character Bracelets .
    My Fifth Pack Would Be Antyhing To Do With Calif That Is Where I Am From.
    My Sixth Pack Would Be Angels.
    My Seventh Pack Would Be Medical Braclets That Have To Do With Nursing. My Daughter Is A Nurse.

  14. Jaime Plumley says:

    If I had my own googly band series I would make Religious pack,holidays like halloween,thanksgiving,christmas,easter,4th of july pack. Winnie The pooh and tinkerbell packs. Going to the movies pack.

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