We love our fans, and more Googly Bands prizes

Good afternoon to all of you!

First off, we’d like to thank all of you for supporting and loving Googly bands! We do it all for you guys! As you heard from the Googly Band designers in the interviews (in blog posts below), you are the ones who make all this possible! Without you guys, there wouldn’t be new styles and series coming out all the time! So once again, thank you and keep checking back on this blog for more updates and promotions!

Win Googly Bands

Comment on Monday’s blog post (Aug. 23) with your answer to the question: “Which Googly Band pack is your favorite, and why?” for a chance to win 2 packs of Series XII Googly Bands! Details can be found on Monday’s post.

More Prizes? More Googly Bands?

Hope you guys are ready for more Googly Bands! A new series is going to be announced tomorrow. And if you’ve noticed the recent trends…with new Googly Bands comes more chances to score free packs of them! So be on the lookout for another fantastic contest! (Hint: Check Friday’s (Aug. 20) blog post for some ideas).

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18 Responses to We love our fans, and more Googly Bands prizes

  1. Nicole says:

    My favorite googly bands are the Hollywood ones because even though i don’t have them, I love California and movies. But now that they are retired, I will probably never find them. =(

  2. Adam Fales says:

    My favorite googly bands are the signs ones because it has peace signs and I love peace!

  3. sukie says:

    i just received my packs of googly bands that i won at the retirement party
    i should be happy and excited right??? well i was
    as soon as i opened the packs… all of the bands were deformed or the wrong shape
    i sent an email to info@imptoy.com ( i hope thats the right email ) and i am not sure if the computer actually sent it through so i hope that the googlybands company is reading this message!!!!

    ( sigh ) I am now very depressed. :,,,(

  4. sukie says:

    oh and this is for Angel:

    I GOT : Body Parts, Wonders of the World, Cutesy Hairy, Moving Hairy, and a Halloween Treat Pack

    But its not really worth it cause all of them are deformed or the wrong shape as i expressed on the comment above

    Oh and the Cutesy Hairy and the Moving Hairy are just cute stuff with little hairs and moving things with hair

    • Angel says:

      I’m assuming those ones are from the new series going to be announced tomorrow? The hairy ones?
      but that’s cool that you got those ones (:
      Just stinks they were deformed. I’m sure they will replace them for you.
      I have like 5 packs left I need to collect and I’ll have them all, as of right now.
      But obviously, tomorrow when the other series is announced, I’ll need 11.
      Only problem is like 3 of them are retired. I can buy safari & fantasy online, but I have yet to find the USA tie dye ones. I see the normal USA ones all the time.

      But either way, congrats on winning!!

      • sukie says:


        i saw some tie die ones somewhere when my mom and i went shopping

        if you like i can see if i can get it and send it to you???

  5. sukie says:

    oh and the hairy ones are from series 13 but i not sure if series 12 has hairy things too so i guest we just have to wait and see!!!!!

    • Angel says:

      Tie dyed USA?
      If its those then yeah, that’d be amazing and i can give you the money back.

      I have all the other tie dyed ones so far.

      And geez, series 13.
      I’m going to be broke by the time they are done making series, lol.

      series 12, 13, halloween ones.

      • sukie says:

        i think it were those but i just have to find them because its been a while since i went to the store to buy some

  6. emily porter says:

    wait how do you know about series 13 sukie and angle?

    • sukie says:

      ooh its because i just got the packs i won at the retirement party

      • Angel says:

        I don’t “know” about them, just of them. Sukie got them (:
        I should be receiving in the next few days two packs for that Googly Words contest. It said unreleased series so yay !

        And if you can find Safari, Fantasy, or USA tie dye, let me know.
        I know the first two are going to be hard to find. I’ll probably have to end up spending like $4 dollars on each to get them.

  7. sukie says:

    i got the safari pack at the dollar store so if my brother gives me permission, i can probably get it for you

  8. sukie says:

    here i am waiting for the latest blog

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