Excitement Over New Styles at Our Office!

Hi Googly Band fans!

Do you know that feeling of excitement you get when you see new packs of Googly bands at the store for the first time?

Well, we here at the Imperial Toy office experience the same excitement, too, when we get new series and styles! New styles of Googly Bands are always coming into our office. They come in large cardboard boxes, and we just can’t wait to open them up!

Each box contains a whole series. Once we open the box up, we see bags containing each set within the series! For example, for series 10, we opened up the box to find a package filled with individual packs of Comics Googly Bands, a package of Picnic bands, a package of Butterflies bands, and so on. It is exciting as we pull them out from the cardboard box and see what new designs have arrived. One of the most exciting days was when we saw the Googly Rings and Googly Charm Necklaces for the first time! It was really different from seeing the Googly Bands because not only are the shapes different, but the packaging is different, too!

New Googly products arrive at the office every week. Some of these designs have not been released to stores yet, but they can be won through our contests and giveaways before their actual store arrival dates! So make sure to always check back on this blog for your chance to WIN these products before anyone else can buy them!

Riddle Contest
Just a reminder: the riddle contest ends tonight at 11:59pm PST. Refer to the post on Thursday, Aug. 12 for the riddle. If you haven’t submitted your answer to marketing@imptoy.com yet, please do so before tonight! This is your chance to win FREE Googly Bands!

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4 Responses to Excitement Over New Styles at Our Office!

  1. nathan says:

    Yea i just saw a whole new series at my walmart a coule days ago it is series 11 they are awesome

  2. sukie says:

    i hope i win
    i dont have that many googly bandz at all

  3. maggie says:

    im always excited when i won a contest and later i see the imperial toy envelope!!!!!! lol

  4. Jenny says:

    Oh my gosh! My walmart has the new googly bandz in! I got the hears and butterflys!

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