Question of the Day and Another Photo Clue!

Hey fans! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Today we want to know: when did you first see Googly Bands, and why did you start buying them? Did you see them at your local stores while shopping? Did you see them on your friends’ wrists? Did you find out about them online through either or our Facebook page? Did you start buying them because they were so awesome? Let us know! We love making new Googly Bands for you guys to enjoy! 🙂

Have you guys been e-mailing in your guesses for how many Googly Bands are in the jar? There’s just a few more days until the contest ends and we’ll reveal how many Googly Bands are really in the jar! We can’t wait! Here’s todays photo clue:

The jar of Googly Bands is about as tall as a pack of Googly Necklaces!

Have you picked up a pack of the rings or necklaces yet? Check with your local Walmart stores to see if they are in stock! 🙂

Keep sending in those guesses to! And more opportunities to win Googly Bands are coming up soon!

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7 Responses to Question of the Day and Another Photo Clue!

  1. emily porter says:

    First comment!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha estelle!!!!! anyway the way I found out about googlybands was when some boys at school had some on there wrists. And they were giving them to the girls. Including me and my friend estelle nadauld. But they only had the series one. Now I have like 300!!!! It is so awsome!!! I can’t wait to see what new styles are coming up!!!!

  2. sukie says:

    i saw them on all my friends and felt bad that i didnt have any =(
    so… my friends gave me some so thats how i got my first 20 googly bands
    i kept begging my mom to get some but my mom said they were too exspensive so when i went to the dollar store and saw them, i was so happy. i bought like 10 packs =D

  3. Krystal Mae Martinez says:

    The first time i see them my sister was showin me and i was like wow those are nice. NOw i have alots of them.

  4. estelle says:

    hi this is estelle i have a total of 380 googly bands.

  5. estelle says:

    i hope i win the contest

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