Another Clue for the Jar Contest

Are you ready for another photo clue for the jar contest??

Dimension of Googly Balls Pack: 6 x 10 in.

The jar of Googly Bands is almost as big as this pack of Mini Googly Balls! Does your answer still remain the same? Or have you changed it after these clues?

Remember, e-mail your guess to for your chance to win this entire jar of Googly Bands! πŸ™‚

And as always, don’t forget to keep checking our Facebook page, Twitter page @GooglyBands,Β and for the latest updates on Googly Bands!

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16 Responses to Another Clue for the Jar Contest

  1. emily porter says:

    First comment!!!! Ha ha Estelle!!!! any way I’m not going to change my answer because I know that it has to be right.

  2. I know that the answer me and my sister and a girl I know is right. Even though they wont give me any of them when the used like half of my googly bands!!!!! (MEAN!!!!)
    They measered it and everything so I think we got it rigth

  3. I would like to know. Were do u get the googly rings and the charm neclace?

  4. emily porter says:

    Savanah!!!! U can’t tell them what we did to find out how much were in the bottle! And the only reason why we used your googly bands without premishon is because we thought you were going to say no. And I will split the googly bands if we win!! I promise.

  5. emily porter says:

    Hey Estelle r u on??? ):

  6. emily porter says:


  7. Aric taylor says:

     Hey , i would say that there is about 150-175 googly bands in that jar please let me win . 

  8. googlybands says:

    Savanah, you can check with your local Walmart stores to see if they are carrying them yet. πŸ™‚

    Aric, don’t forget to e-mail your guess to in order for it to count.

  9. Joclyn Navas says:

    I sooo hope I got it right and I’m not telling how I got my answer………so good luck everyone….(Your gonna need it)

  10. emily porter says:

    Were can you get googly balls??? There so awsome!

  11. emily porter says:

    oh joclyn I think I will win, Well I hope. Because I did something that gave me the write answer.

  12. emily porter says:

    I measerd some thing .

  13. sukie says:

    how many do you think emily

  14. emily porter says:

    sukie every one else will no what i think then they will email how many i thought. and the only reason i care about is because i know that i got it write. if i could tell u on some thing else i would

  15. emily porter says:

    EVERY ONE!!! You probably think that I think its 326. Because I don’t. I don’t think that is how much is in the jar. I didn’t mean to put that. please don’t think I acally think it’s 326. Because to tell you all the truth. I’ts not going to be not that much. It will probably be in the 200 or something. And everybody who want’s a hint. What I just said about the 200 or some thing that’s a pretty good hint for you.
    Thank you every body who belives me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sukie says:

      i measured it too and there might be 200 or so but there might 300 something too because the googly bands are smushed together. And there are also air in the jar

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