Googly Rings & Charm Necklaces

Thought that Googly Bands are just for your arms and wrists? It’s time to rethink that idea! We are now proudly introducing Googly Rings for your fingers and Googly Charm Necklaces to wear around your neck. Collect all sets and trade for ones you can’t find! Available in stores really soon.

What are they?
Googly rings will come 24 to a pack, and Googly Charms come in packs of 12 with a necklace to string the charms. Enjoy all new themes/styles as well as revisit some classic Googly Band styles with these new charms and rings!


Where are they available?
In stores soon! Check with your local stores that sell Googly Bands to see when Googly Rings and Charm Necklaces will be in stock!

Keep checking,, and this blog for more Googly updates and announcements!

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6 Responses to Googly Rings & Charm Necklaces

  1. jennifer says:

    my kids love the silly bands but we cant find the rings any suggestions on where we can get them thanks

  2. rylee e says:

    hi will walmart on fort camble blv in clarksville tn have googly band rings

  3. emily says:

    ooh really? thats cool i want some

  4. googlybands says:

    Jennifer, Googly Bands rings/necklaces will tentatively be available starting next week in your local Walmart stores. 🙂

    Rylee, please check with your local Walmart store to see if they will be carrying these. 🙂

  5. emily porter says:

    Hey googly bands do u think maybe they would sell them at walmart in american fork utah?(:

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