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Back to School

September is right around the corner, which means it’s that time of the year again: school is back. Some of you may have started school already, while others are about to start. With a new school year comes a lot … Continue reading

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Halloween Googly Bands!

Good morning, fans! Today, we would like to introduce……..HALLOWEEN Googly Bands!!! Check out these awesome bands influenced by the spookiest holiday of the year! Halloween Googly Bands will be available in regular 12-packs, or in treat bags! Instead of passing … Continue reading

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Something big is coming…

Today, we just want to let you know…we have an EXCITING announcement tomorrow! Stay tuned and check back tomorrow for the surprise! Reminder Don’t forget to send in your responses for the Series XII contest/giveaway! Entries are due by tonight, … Continue reading

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Series XII

Series XII was announced on Wednesday. Have you found them in stores yet? Which ones are your favorite and why? So far, which has been your overall favorite series? Why do you like that series so much? Let us know … Continue reading

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Don’t you love winning Googly Bands?

Happy Friday, everyone! In the past few months, we have had tons of contests and promotions for Googly Bands. We’ve also¬†had hundreds of winners. We’ve given out thousands of Googly Bands as prizes. We want to know, what was your … Continue reading

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Googly Styles

As you know, we have our “Name that Band/Style” Contest going on! If you didn’t know that, check yesterday’s (Wed, Aug 25) blog post for the details.¬†Since the contest is about bands from different styles that you have to figure … Continue reading

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Announcing Series XII & NAME THAT BAND Contest!

Hey Googly Fans, let’s welcome Series XII! There are so many awesome styles in this series. Which do you like? Series XII Contest As we hinted at before, with a new series comes a new contest. Here’s your chance to … Continue reading

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